Friday, 16 August 2013

WW1 August challenge

Well I thought I would put myself way out of my comfort zone and attempt this challenge over at
White With 1 which is WHITE + MASKING + PASTELS

Well I don't do either and pastels......well .....don't have much in pastel and I am thinking it might be just a wee bit bright!

But seeing as I have done it....might as well enter it. I am actually very happy with it.....might not be quite pastelly (not a word) enough though!

It is actually not quite this dark...had terrible trouble getting it to look right,
 which I always find when I use a white background!
I started off okay with some very subtle masking

Lots of washi pastel paper and I really thought these washi's would be fine??...
maybe not ! LOL
I had to scrap this photo as Glacia loves icing and never eats all the cake....but I have noticed most kids do! After a party the amount of bits of cake left on the kids wonder whether you should just make a cake out of icing! LOL

                                                     Thanks for stopping by
                                                      cheers Leanne xx

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