Saturday, 31 August 2013

Use your Word Sept 1st Dt Reveal

Hi everyone.... I am very happy as it is the first day of Spring here in Australia! I know we have to have Winter....but I am very glad it is finished for another year!

This challenge is to use the word TOUGH and I instantly thought of my Son when he was younger and he did Zen Do Kai. My photos were taken on a not so good camera all those years ago but you can still see the expression on his face! They were good times and it seems like yesterday....where have all the years gone?

My journaling


When he was little, I could never get him to smile for a photo. He always had to have a mean, tough look on his face! And was always dressed up as Batman or Superman or something else!

So head on over to Use Your Word and tell us a story using the word TOUGH either in your title or journaling and check out the other DT members layouts for inspiration.

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About A Girl - Sept 1st- DT Reveal

Woo Hoo ! It's the first day of Spring here in Australia and it's a beautiful day and it is also Father's Day!
This challenge is a crossover with About A Boy and is to use black, white and one other colour.
So I had to keep reminding myself to look for boy photos! LOL
I decided to scrap my youngest Grand Son as I haven't done many pages on him and he will be one soon and walking.....will get some good photos then!

I will confess I struggle with boy pages and I don't really know why. But I enjoyed this as blue is my favourite colour.


Kept this simple...I wanted his cute face to stand out! He is so gorgeous and smiley at the moment and loves to pull my hair and then has fits of laughter! The things Nanna's go through for a cuddle and smile!
So remember if you want to do a girls page go to About A Boy and a boys page go to About A Girl
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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Black with Two August challenge

I thought I would try the Black with 2 challenge....I always find these hard!
This month the  challenge is these colours
Mine is pretty simple with some torn paper and paint and some enamel dots!

I was going to stay at my daughters for a few nights and had been during the day putting stuff together in this little suitcase......Alfie looked so cute curled up in it, I had to take photo! Silly dog!
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Friday, 16 August 2013

Scrapfriends August sketch challenge

Well when I first saw this sketch at Scrap Friends....I thought nope too hard for me! LOL
Then I decided to give it a go....My first try was with washi tape and lines....didn't get far with that!!! I'm afraid I haven't got that much patience! LOL

So I tried something different.....

My daughter had dressed up for Centenary celebrations and she looked authentic.....until her mobile rang! I thought it was so funny as she  really looked the part and I had to carry her camera bag and anything else that was modern! I was her maid! LOL

All of the students at the school were dressed in that era looked lovely!

                                                   So there you effort.....
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WW1 August challenge

Well I thought I would put myself way out of my comfort zone and attempt this challenge over at
White With 1 which is WHITE + MASKING + PASTELS

Well I don't do either and pastels......well .....don't have much in pastel and I am thinking it might be just a wee bit bright!

But seeing as I have done it....might as well enter it. I am actually very happy with it.....might not be quite pastelly (not a word) enough though!

It is actually not quite this dark...had terrible trouble getting it to look right,
 which I always find when I use a white background!
I started off okay with some very subtle masking

Lots of washi pastel paper and I really thought these washi's would be fine??...
maybe not ! LOL
I had to scrap this photo as Glacia loves icing and never eats all the cake....but I have noticed most kids do! After a party the amount of bits of cake left on the kids wonder whether you should just make a cake out of icing! LOL

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Use Your Word August 15th challenge - DT Reveal

A new word over at Use Your Word and it is BELIEVE

Well ...since my first Grand Child I have been known as the kissing monster!!!
Now the eldest one is 8, I only kiss his head.....if I want more I have to chase him round and round the house....boys !!

So, understandably I had to do I believe in lots of kisses!
This photo was taken at my 50th....a while back now.
Jack got very amorous with Nanna after this was taken and I actually fell over with him on top of me.....ah those were the days!!! LOL


I hadn't intended on doing such a simple just happened!

So come and join in and share about what you believe in.....check out the other DT's layouts for have 2 weeks to join in!

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About A Girl August 15th challenge - DT Reveal

Hi everyone.....time for another challenge at About A Girl and it's white space!!

Love doing these pages, but I find they are harder than others!!!
Mine is a bit different...with lots of white space !! LOL

It was my Grand Son's Birthday and we had lots of old fashioned races, including the egg race.
Gemma was the only girl and she took it very seriously, when I said you can't drop the egg!!
She concentrated so hard....never dropped it....even with all the boys racing around her and dropping theirs. Of course it was total chaos, with all the boys cheating, but I think Gemma did such a good job.....

I have fussy cut around Gem as the boys where in the photo and then I was stumped!
I didn't really know what to do...eventually decided on some yellow paint swirls!
Then I wasn't too sure where to put the title and some journaling!!
I think it turned out alright in the end...something different!
Check out the other DT's layouts for some wonderful have to the end of the month!
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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

123 August challenge

Hi.....only 2 weeks to Spring....yah!!!!

This month's challenge

at 123 challenge blog was fantastic timing!

The Primary school which I attended has just celebrated its centenary and my daughter dressed fabulously for the occasion. So here it is

I have just realised I need to change you to your in my journaling!

Jodie looked like she had stepped back in time and she nearly didn't take her mobile to be authentic!! But of course that would be unthinkable and luckily it fit in her dilly bag ( which was a Avon bag....covered in flowers and lace)
She was caught however using that phone....

It was a lovely day and I caught up with my Grade 4 teacher who is now 82......she used to put sticky tape on my mouth to stop me talking! Obviously sitting in the corner facing the wall had no worked!! LOL

Looking at this pretty in the blue.....I am going to have to do another in colour!!!
And I was naughty.....just went as me....

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Monday, 5 August 2013

C'est Magnifique August giveaway

Hi....just popping in to share a giveaway at c'est magnifique

Be sure to link up for the August bits and pieces giveaway......truly awesome lots of goodies

cheers Leanne

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Use Your Words -August 1st challenge- DT Reveal

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a  MOMENT  that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” ― Karl Lagerfeld

Hi everyone!!! You guessed it! Use the word MOMENT on your layout or in your journaling.

Well this was a very special moment for me. It was my 40th Birthday and I was smuggled away to Port Broughton for the weekend and met my daughter and partner there with this very special bundle of curly fluff!! A gorgeous little poodle who lived for 11 years and who I miss so much!

The next day was special too as the Adelaide Crows won the AFL Grand Final!
Wow it was a fantastic weekend all round.

Now this will make you daughter looks at this and I didn't realise how much you have aged????? Well my darling it was 15 years ago this September 25th !! LOL

   So I daresay you all have special moments in your life, so come on over to Use your Word and join in the challenge and share your special moment and you could possibly win a fantastic prize!

Also you might like to join in at About A Girl.

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About A Girl August 1st challenge - DT Reveal

Hi everyone....guess what .....only about 4 more weeks to SPRING!!! Yah...the count down is on!!! LOL

Okay....this challenge is to scrap with one colour.....but the twist is  the primary colour in the photo should match the colour you chose. I found this rather tricky!

This photo was taken when we were living on a sheep station in the middle of nowhere and it was school holidays and the Grandies came to stay. Gemma had been playing in the mud and here she is in front of that darn salt bush  that I was trying to prune! I just love her pose!!!

Head on over to About A Girl and see the other DT members layouts for inspiration!
Another great challenge at Use Your Word the challenge being to use the word MOMENT either in your title or journaling. Hope to see some very special layouts here!
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