Wednesday, 14 August 2013

123 August challenge

Hi.....only 2 weeks to Spring....yah!!!!

This month's challenge

at 123 challenge blog was fantastic timing!

The Primary school which I attended has just celebrated its centenary and my daughter dressed fabulously for the occasion. So here it is

I have just realised I need to change you to your in my journaling!

Jodie looked like she had stepped back in time and she nearly didn't take her mobile to be authentic!! But of course that would be unthinkable and luckily it fit in her dilly bag ( which was a Avon bag....covered in flowers and lace)
She was caught however using that phone....

It was a lovely day and I caught up with my Grade 4 teacher who is now 82......she used to put sticky tape on my mouth to stop me talking! Obviously sitting in the corner facing the wall had no worked!! LOL

Looking at this pretty in the blue.....I am going to have to do another in colour!!!
And I was naughty.....just went as me....

Thanks for popping by
cheers Leanne xx

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