Friday, 20 December 2013

Show us your Stuff - Dec challenge

Well I have managed to do a layout....mainly cause it was so darn hot, really couldn't do much else!
I went to the town's Christmas Pageant last Saturday and manged to take all of my Grand Children to see Father Christmas.....was wonderful to have all 5 of them together!
The photos themselves aren't that flash, but for me it's the memory that counts.
So I decide to use these photos for the December challenge at Show us your Stuff using the word JOY
I had this idea with a xmas tree shape.....didn't turn out like the image in my head....but never mind!

 I have cut out all these stars from Xmas paper from a few years back
 I layered a few and popped a rhinestone on them

 My handmade item is this glorious star from Charms Creations and it had to go on top of my tree!
It's funny watching the kids....the boys were very talkative and matter of fact.....the girls very sweet and shy......and Kerris....well he just screamed ( first time seeing Santa can be quite scary!) LOL

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Color me Scrappy Dec 15th

The last post for Color me Scrappy this year!!
Wow I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner!

This is a great use this colour scheme and the twist

Scrap about a recipe, cooking, dinner out, baking, anything as long as it highlights FOOD.

I decided to scrap about a meal I had in Kuala Lumpur on my recent trip over there.
It was sooo delicious....the flavours just incredible!

I have had this elephant paper in my stash for years and finally I found the right moment use it!
I still had my docket in my suitcase I photo copied it and stuck it on, to remind me of the currency exchange ...the Ringet ( I only managed to bring 2 home...completely broke! LOL )

And this little tag will always make me remember first day in Kuala Lumpur and the fun I had shopping with my daughter.....getting caught in the rain......walking the streets at night sight seeing and getting lost.....and finally getting a taxi and it breaking down!

I shall never forget my first day in Kuala Lumpur and the wonderful people!

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Saturday, 14 December 2013

CSI Guest Detective rather a Christmas mood today after going to our local pageant.
Heaps of fun with lollies galore and fantastic fireworks to top the night off!

I am thrilled to be a Guest Detective at CSI for the the Trinket Track
Case File 102

My Evidence
Gold accents - painted gold butterflies
Solid background
Circles - 4 circles

My Testimony
Journal about a winter holiday

"Oh James As if you weren't dirty enough- but then you are all boy!
You had so much fun at Pine Valley Station with Dad, picking buckets of Quandongs.
Love you to bits my little man"

I have used photos of my Grand Son on a large sheep station where there are heaps of Quandong trees ( small Australian tree often called a native peach) These trees just grow in the middle of the bush and have a lovely tarty flavour

I have painted the lovely metal butterflies with gold paint and also the flower stamens

I have splattered brown paint for the sand effect and scattered some wooden beads and glass beads around, plus those little stars for some extra colour

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Thursday, 12 December 2013

White with 1 Dec Challenge

Hi everyone....
My second post for today and I'm sure that will be it for this month....unless I get very organised????

I haven't done the White with 1 challenges for a while but I really felt like being challenged with the yellow

Not to sure about this one, but the pic of Kerris is just gorgeous...he has grown into such a happy little man!
He even let Pop pick him up on this day with out cracking a wobbly!

I have painted chipboard numbers and splashed a bit of paint around and added a few arrows....

Gosh white back grounds are hard to photograph properly...I keep blaming my new glasses....but I'm not too sure about that!

In case I don't do another post...Merry Christmas
and thanks so much for popping by!
Leanne xxx

BW2 Dec challenge

Hi everyone....trying to a couple of challenges for this month as next week I am going to be flat out and will not have time!

I love this colour combo over at Black with 2 and I thought it about time I scrapped about my precious little Miss this dog to bits and as she is about 11 years old, I am already thinking how horrible it will be to say goodbye....

Black background with candy apple red and crystal blue and 5% white

This is my beautiful little girl with her winter jacket on. This is from when we lived at Redcliffe station and it was so windy and cold in Winter.....poor little girl was so cold! But she was as warm as toast in this and it's my favourite colour too!

The blue sticks are toohtpicks, which I thought painting them blue would be a good idea....OMG....never again....VERY fiddly and sticking them to the page was even worse.....never again!

But on saying that I do like the effect!

The dominoes and bow are from the Trinket Track

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Leanne xx

Sunday, 8 December 2013

CSI case file 101 has rained in Morgan!  WOO HOO!!! About an inch over 2 days....everything in the garden looks alive and green! It has been so long with no rain! So happy!!

Okay....this is my first ever entry at CSI...all due to being the Guest Designer for December at the Trinket Track who are sponsors for this month and I have used some beautiful goodies from there! (Thanks Monica)

Here is the case file...

The Scene
I just love this colour scheme and I thought it would be just right for this photo of me at Seal Bay in Kangaroo Island...I think this is the best photo DH has ever taken with the seals in the background!

My Evidence
Frames- Series of frames around the photo, plus the black photo corners
Silver accents- The twirly silver accents behind the flower
Twigs- I painted a stick white from the garden

My Testimony
My journaling is  in cursive and it is about our holiday to Kangaroo Island (our 30th wedding Anniversary)

I have made a frame with the lovely aqua and white spotty paper and then another frame with the white cardstock. The paper behind the photo is crumpled white cardstock with grey gelatos added and a touch of aqua. Once again I have used those beautiful cork birds and have picked out ( very tricky) the coloured beads I wanted from the bag of glass beads!

Here is a lovely Manor House flower with the silver twirls and my painted twig and the leaves for the pop of green.

 I have painted the delicate photo corners black to go with the colour scheme
 This day it was so windy and cold with light showers of rain, but the seals were quite happy frolicking in the sun and sunbaking. Lovely to watch them play and chase each other! Except I was getting blown away and my hat kept blowing off!

 These are the items I used from  The Trinket Track

 Lovely little Trinkets which are so very reasonable priced!!

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Boy meets girl Dec challenge

Hi....can you believe it is freezing here? I can't remember December ever being like this! But at least it rained!
Things have changed a bit at Boy meets Girl
From now on the BOY challenges are posted on the 1st and the GIRL challenges are posed on the 5th, with each one having a full month to complete the challenge.
So this month's GIRL challenge is to use the same photo more than once.

This is my Grand Daughter from a few years ago, when we went to see Dora in concert.
This was when Gemma was so into Dora and James loved Diego and they where completely in awe when the show started! Of course things have changed now as they have got older , but I will never forget this day!

The beautiful frame is from the Trinket Track as well as the stars and those cute birds.
The stick is from the garden which is painted!

The tiny little stars are also from the Trinket these tiny little stars

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Monday, 2 December 2013

CMS Dec 1st reveal

Hi totally exhausted from my shopping trip to Kuala Lumpur!! But I had a fantastic time with a bunch of fantastic girls!

But it is back to reality  and the new challenge at Color me Scrappy
This is the colour scheme and the twist is to use the sketch

I had been taking a few photos in the garden at the beginning of Spring and I love these poppies which I had planted years ago and now they self seed.

 The little flowers, birds and buttons  are from the Trinket Track

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Leanne xx

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Pixels and Paper Nov challenge

Hi, just popping in to enter this month's challenge at Pixels and Paper
This is the only challenge I have entered this month....wanted to do more but it just hasn't happened and now this weekend I am off to Kuala Lumpur for a 3 day shopping spree, which is timed with the big Xmas sales!! I am so excited!

Back to the challenge.....this is the photo to use for inspiration

Well I love chooks! When I was little we lived on a farm and had chooks and then when we shifted into town, Mum insisted on having a few chooks. And I have always had them. Nothing quite like your own fresh eggs! Can't bring myself to buy caged eggs....saw a thing on TV about caged chickens and I was disgusted with the cruelty.....just horrible...
As I don't have a rooster I was going to get some fertile eggs and see if I could hatch them, but she went off the nest before I managed to get some eggs......darn it!
I have made the frame using texture paste and then inking...trying to get a rustic look!
First time I have used the wire stamp
Lots of good old washi tape!
Before I go  would like to share ......Blog Candy!
Katarzyna is having a one year blog b'day and is giving away some beautiful handmade Christmas decorations......check it out here katslittlepassion
Aren't these beautiful!!
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