Saturday, 14 December 2013

CSI Guest Detective rather a Christmas mood today after going to our local pageant.
Heaps of fun with lollies galore and fantastic fireworks to top the night off!

I am thrilled to be a Guest Detective at CSI for the the Trinket Track
Case File 102

My Evidence
Gold accents - painted gold butterflies
Solid background
Circles - 4 circles

My Testimony
Journal about a winter holiday

"Oh James As if you weren't dirty enough- but then you are all boy!
You had so much fun at Pine Valley Station with Dad, picking buckets of Quandongs.
Love you to bits my little man"

I have used photos of my Grand Son on a large sheep station where there are heaps of Quandong trees ( small Australian tree often called a native peach) These trees just grow in the middle of the bush and have a lovely tarty flavour

I have painted the lovely metal butterflies with gold paint and also the flower stamens

I have splattered brown paint for the sand effect and scattered some wooden beads and glass beads around, plus those little stars for some extra colour

Thanks for stopping by
Leanne xx

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