Sunday, 31 March 2013

Scrap your story challenge #5

This challenge is to use cork on your page and lucky I had some cork alphas.
I also cut strips from the outside of the sheet and inked them and used the inside of the o so Lindsay could draw his little cartoon foxes on them.

Here it is ( a bit of a fun layout)...

Glacia has turned into Pop's girl ,even though I am the one who runs around after her and plays tons of games! She never kisses me goodbye anymore...I don't know whether thats because she doesn't want to go home yet or she is sick of me kissing her!! My other nickname is Kissing Monster!  LOL

Some close ups..

Isn't Lindsays little foxes cute...he has been drawing them since I met him and that was 34 years ago!
Yes so Glacia quite often has to wear this fox whistle around her neck when she is her..but Pop is the only one who can show her how to blow it properly...funny little thing.
So head over to Scrap your story and give this challenge a go...only got to Thursday..