Friday, 14 March 2014

ARTastic March challenge

Hi...time for the mid month DTreveal at ARTastic
And it's a ripper!

When I first saw this I loved it.....BLUE is my favourite clour and with the white it reminded me of my bedroom.....but I also got that wonderful feeling of freedom!
And I thought of my chooks...I know a bit strange, but I have just lately been letting them out to roam around through the garden and they LOVE it!!
I thought my dogs would harass them but they don't .....after all these years!
Only thing is they make a terrible mess scratching through the pea straw and I have to keep raking it up...but they are so happy and so much more friendly!

Enough rambling....back to the layout!!

Tons of different textures on this page!!
Gesso and blue gelatos and bits of tissue paper for the sky

Straw from the garden

Some flower stickers that I layered... had for years...brightened up with gelatos
The leaves are NOT from the garden...although they look like dried leaves
I have even put a couple of tiny flat rocks from the gravel

And of course I had to add a bird...a Trinket Track cork bird

So there you have it...something very different from me...but I really had fun doing this...and that is what it is all about!!!

Thanks for popping by 
Leanne xxx

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