Friday, 12 April 2013

Show us your Stuff April challenge

The challenge this month at Show us your stuff is to scrap 8.5 x 11

I have done a layout about my Grandson James
His birthday was in March and Dad bought him the Skylanders game and he also got given a few of the figures that you put on the portal from other family members. . Well of course now he wants more figures and Nanna (me) said he should be doing jobs around home to earn some money and save up for the next one.
Off he goes broom in hand..not dressed yet..all pumped to earn some money.
While he was sweeping, I got a jar so he could write on it and put his money in it....was very excited about this..trying to teach him to be patient and save.!!
Here it is

My handmade goodies are the two little jars I drew and cut out and the list of jobs ....I hope this is enough!!
Some close ups

Oh handwriting is soo untidy. I use the excuse of having arthritis in my thumb joints which is so painful and writing is hard. I have to hold the pen in a awkward way, so I am going to have to learn to write all over again!! LOLI will try to be neater next time!!

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There will be a challenge up on April get ready!!

Thanks for looking
Leanne xxx


  1. Who cares what your hand writing looks's YOURS & that's the important thing:):):) such a valuable lesson, your little jars:):):) great challenge, this one!!!

  2. I think that is a great lesson to teach your grandson, so many kids want everything NOW. I don't like my hand writing either, but I agree with Lizzy, Your handwriting is what matters and what will be treasured. Your little jars are a great idea for your layout to

  3. Cute! You are getting your own style, well done, Mum!! Jxx

  4. I agree with Lizzy and I only realised how important handwriting is once my mom died and I had nothing with her writing in it... I wished I had taken a recipe book, or a shopping list or anything just to have her writing... Your kids will be so grateful one day. I love this layout... the colours on that woody background are lovely... Fab job as always Leanne....

  5. Great layout! thanks for joining in at Suys!