Saturday, 12 October 2013

Pixels and Paper Oct challenge

Hi......This Spring weather hasn't been that enjoyable so far this year! Wind, wind and more wind and yes it's blowing merry hell out there again today! Tried to do a bit in the garden, but between the wind and the sun showers, I gave up!

Well this month's challenge at Pixels and Paper has another picture to inspire you.

It inspired me to get off my butt and scrap some photos of Glacia's 3rd birthday LOL
All the family were together and when it came time for the cake ( which Pop had decorated so beautifully) getting the 4 cousins to sit at the table and be ready...well....what an exercise that was!


If you are thinking...gee there's a lot of arrows......well I had to add the bigger ones to cover up rather  a few OOPSIES and the large fun is covering a few too! And I think now looking at this I have put the "N" upside down!
Anyway moving on, the small arrows I received in a RAK from Jane (thank you) and of course I have put them to good use straight away!
And the cute little stars (could be hiding something too!) are from the Trinket Track
So head on over to the blog do yourself a favour and get some of those birthday photos scrapped!
Thanks for popping by
Leanne xx

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